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Diana Mautner Markhof

Diana Mautner Markhof

Diana Mautner Markhof is Editor-in-Chief of iGlobenews. She is also a Staff Writer.

Diana Mautner Markhof is an attorney-at-law in Austria and New York. She received an MA in Advanced International Studies from the Vienna Diplomatic Academy. She completed her law studies at the University of Vienna, has an LL.M. from the University of Chicago Law School and a B.A. in Computer Science from Brown University.


Cancelling Kissinger? (December 2022)
Chinese version: 忽视基辛格?
German version: Cancelling Kissinger?
Spanish version: ¿Cancelando a Kissinger?
Russian version: Отмена Киссинджера

Citizen Journalism’s Role in the Democratic Process (November 2022)
Russian version: Роль Гражданской Журналистики в Демократическом Процессе

Tu Felix Austria Nube: NHM Exhibition Celebrates 200 Years Brazil-Austria Relations (November 2022)
German version: Tu Felix Austria Nube – Wiens Naturhistorisches Museum feiert 200 Jahre brasilianisch-österreichische Beziehungen
Spanish version: Tu Felix Austria Nube: La exposición del NHM celebra los 200 años de relaciones entre Brasil y Austria

Migrants Unwelcome on Martha’s Vineyard: “NIMVY” (September 2022)
Spanish version: Inmigrantes no bienvenidos en Martha’s Vineyard: «NIMVY»
German version: Migranten Auf Martha’s Vineyard Nicht Willkommen

FINA Bans Transgender Athletes from Women’s Elite Swimming Competitions (August 2022)
Chinese version: 国际泳联禁止跨性别运动员参加女子精英游泳比赛
Spanish version: La FINA prohíbe a los deportistas transexuales las competiciones de natación de élite femenina

Threat to Wild Orcas, Dolphins and Beluga Whales from Marine Theme Park Boom in China (May 2022)
Chinese version: 中国海洋主题公园的繁荣对野生虎鲸、海豚和白鲸的威胁
Spanish version: El auge de los parques temáticos marinos en China amenaza a las orcas, delfines y belugas salvajes

Hedy Lamarr – Hollywood Star and the ‘Mother of WiFi’ (April 2022)
Chinese version: 海蒂·拉玛 – 好莱坞明星与“蓝牙之母”
German version: Hedy Lamarr – Hollywood-Star und die “Mutter des WiFi”

LUMAGICA: Magical Winter Wonderland in Innsbruck’s Imperial Gardens (February 2022)
German version: LUMAGICA: Magisches Winterwunderland im Innsbrucker Hofgarten
Spanish version: LUMAGICA: El mágico mundo de las maravillas invernales en los Jardines Imperiales de Innsbruck

30-Year Anniversary of Korean Comfort Women Protest against Japan’s Sex Slavery (January 2022)
Chinese version: 韩国慰安妇抗议日本性奴30周年


An Insider’s View On Iran: Interview With Professor David Menashri (December 2021)
Russian version: Взгляд изнутри на Иран: Интервью с профессором Дэвидом Менашри

Leonore Gewessler Up Close: Interview with Austria’s Federal Minister for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (December 2021)
German versiona: Leonore Gewessler hautnah: Interview mit Österreichs Bundesministerin für Klimapolitik, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie

Interview with Professor Catherine Lutz of Brown University’s Cost of War Project: A Strong Voice for Democracy (December 2021)

Little Houses in the Austrian ‘Prairie’ (November 2021)
German version: Tiny Houses Made In Austria

Baking Your Way to Stardom: YouTube Sensation Florian Lutz and his Flour Forge (November 2021)

Interview With Professor Gerhard Mangott: EU-Russian Security And Energy Relations 2021 (October 2021)
German version: Interview mit Professor Gerhard Mangott: EU-Russische Sicherheits- und Energiebeziehungen 2021

Interview With Maximilian Tayenthal Co-CEO And Co-Founder Of N26 – A European Company With A Global Mindset (October 2021)
Spanish version: Entrevista con Maximilian Tayenthal, codirector general y cofundador de N26, una empresa europea con vocación mundial

Interview With Professor Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik On: Geopolitical Implications Of US Withdrawal And China’s New Role In Afghanistan (September 2021)
Chinese version: 专访魏格林(Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik)教授:美国撤军的地缘政治影响与中国在阿富汗的新角色

Interview With Maria Rauch-Kallat, President Of Austria’s Paralympic Committee And Former Minister For The Environment, Women And Health (August 2021)

Novid20 Develops Innovative Software Solutions For Fighting COVID: Interview With CEO Christoph Tockner And Moritz Miedler (July 2021)

An Insider’s View of the OSCE: Interview with Ambassador Thomas Greminger, Former OSCE Secretary General (July 2021)

Interview With Dr. Margarete Schramböck, Austria’s Federal Minister For Digital And Economic Affairs (June 2021)

Interview With Dr. Thomas Stelzer, Dean Of The International Anti-Corruption Academy: Combatting Corruption Through Education, Training And Networking (May 2021)
Chinese version: 专访国际反腐败学院院长 Thomas Stelzer 博士:通过教育、培训和网络打击腐败
German version: Interview mit Dr. Thomas Stelzer, Dekan der Internationalen Anti-Korruptions-Akademie: Korruptionsbekämpfung durch Bildung, Training und Networking

Beate Meinl-Reisinger’s COVID Critique, Review And Restart For Austria (May 2021)

How A Vienna Startup Is Revolutionizing E-Learning (May 2021)
Chinese version: 一家维也纳初创公司如何革新电子学习
German version: Wie ein Wiener Startup E-Learning revolutioniert
Spanish version: Cómo Una Startup Vienesa Está Revolucionando el Aprendizaje Electrónico


Austria’s ENPULSION: A Global Leader in Space Propulsion Technology (Österreichs ENPULSION: Weltmarktführer in der Raumfahrt-Antriebstechnik)

Max Weiler and the Painting of the Sung Dynasty (Max Weiler und die Malerei der Sung-Dynastie)

ALFRED ZOFF Exhibition in Vienna – The Fascination of the Sea (ALFRED ZOFF Ausstellung in Wien – Die Faszination des Meeres)

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