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Before submitting a pitch we strongly suggest that you please subscribe to our Newsletter and read our published articles. Acquainting yourself with iGlobenews’ style of writing will greatly increase your chances of publication. Also please read our submission guidelines carefully.

While most of our featured articles are solicited by the editors, we also welcome unsolicited submissions in international relations, politics, economics, science and current events. We aim to understand the complex and more comprehensive framework of current topics and key events, to offer new insights and stimulate discussion.  The backgrounds and views of our staff writers are diverse, and we encourage this diversity in our guest submissions as well. We also encourage our readership to consider various viewpoints.

Exclusive Rights for iGlobenews

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the author grants the media owner of the exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, geographically, temporally and content-wise unrestricted right to use the article written for iGlobenews. This exclusive right of use includes the right to use the respective article in all kinds of use known to date and in the future, in particular the right to translate, edit (including reductions and additions), reproduce, publish, distribute and make available (commercially or non-commercially) to third parties.

How to Submit

Please fill out all of the sections below, and submit your form along with a CV to

What we look for:

  • Original ideas
  • Noteworthy topics from around the globe
  • Unique perspectives
  • Three C’s (Current events, Causes, and Consequences)
  • Skilled writers with excellent proficiency in English
    – Avoid jargon, metaphors and clichés
    – Carefully self-edit your article before submission
    – Only use appropriate language (no name-calling, ad hominem attacks)
    – Do not base your article on unsubstantiated allegations or rumors
    – Always consider both sides of any argument you make
  • 800-word maximum article length
  • Ability to meet strict deadlines
  • Exclusivity of the pitch to iGlobenews

How we can contact you:

Name, Email Address and Telephone Number


Please briefly (max. 150 words) describe the issue you wish to cover, your viewpoint, and why our readers would be interested in your article. Also, please indicate into which issue area and region your article would fall.

Please note, that pitch acceptance by iGlobenews does not guarantee that your article will be published. The decision on publication will be based solely on the quality of your article.

All articles are checked for plagiarism before being published.

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