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Our Social Media Code of Conduct

In addition to Terms of Service and Community Standards of the social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram), users of these platforms must adhere to the rules of iGlobenews’ Social Media Code of Conduct.

Every user is responsible for their actions on our page and the content they post there. The user must not post content that violates applicable law or the rights of others. Defamation, insult, mockery and slander are prohibited. Hate speech, bullying, harassment or condescending comments about ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender will not be tolerated. Racist, pornographic, misanthropic, abusive, or indecent content is prohibited. The user must not post content that glorifies violence or criminal behavior or intentionally deceives or defrauds others. The sharing of disinformation and misinformation will not be tolerated. Unauthorized advertising, sharing of personal contact information, and promotion of other social media accounts are also prohibited. Posting the same content multiple times or other spam is not allowed. The user must not post content that violates the privacy, personal rights in one’s own image or intellectual property of others.

We reserve the right to delete content violating these rules. Abuses may also be reported to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or LinkedIn.

To help us maintain an environment of civil discussion and polite disagreement, please report violations and request removal by messaging our team, emailing us at and/or reporting the post to the relevant social media platform.

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