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Can BRICS Challenge US Dollar Hegemony?

The Obesity Epidemic. The Costs to Society and the Individual

150th Anniversary of the Vienna World’s Fair

Democracy in the Kingdom of Thailand

Women’s Rights Under Siege in Turkey

Islamic State Leaders Call Out West’s Double Standard

AI Regulation Requires Global Cooperation

TCM Endangers Malayan Sun Bears

Professor John Mearsheimer on Genocide in Gaza

Catastrophe and Coverup of PFAS

US Congress Act on Disclosure and Explanation of UAP

Rohingya Genocide: The Reality of Myanmar’s Apartheid State

Child labor: The Dark Side of Sweet Chocolate

Fentanyl Wars: US-Mexico v. Drug Cartels

Macron Leads the Way: Calls on Israel to Stop Gaza Killing and Respect International Law

Biopiracy: The Unethical Business of Patenting Seeds

Interview With Professor Catherine Lutz Of Brown University’s Cost Of War Project: A Strong Voice For Democracy

Macron’s Future of Europe: “Sovereignty is a Necessity”

Colonial-Era Land Grab in Kenya and the Quest for Justice

The Amazon Gold Rush Catastrophe Endangers the Survival of Indigenous Yanomami

Happy Birthday Democracy

30-Year Anniversary of Korean Comfort Women Protest against Japan’s Sex Slavery

European Space Independence – Ariane 6 and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Pentagon Leaks – Careless Clearances and ‘Gaming’ Military Secrets

IAEA Safeguards – A Model for International AI Regulation

The Sabotage of Nordstream 1 and 2

SOS-Kinderdorf Scandal

Rwanda Leads and Succeeds via Gender Equality

20th Anniversary of US Iraq Invasion

Lebanon’s Corruption Prevents Political Renewal and Economic Recovery

Cooperation Between China and Iran

Cancelling Kissinger?

Food for Thought

Austria – The Reality of Neutrality

EU Digital Markets Act To Regulate Unfair Practices of US Tech Giants

No Justice for Shireen

Mautner Markhof – Industrialists of the People

Comet Tales – Austria’s Comet Physics Laboratory Supports Space Science

Is All Clear with Clearview?

The Code Breakers of the Enigma Machine

Migrants Unwelcome on Martha’s Vineyard

Saving the Seahorse – Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Solomon Islands – Tug of War in the Pacific

Divider of the Sea

Turkish Earthquakes and the Political Aftershocks

ESG Investment Ideology – Not Doing Well and Not Doing Good

Sam Bankman-Fried: From Hero to Zero

Turkey’s New Soft Power – Blockbuster T-Dramas

The Sami in Finnland: An Ongoing Human Rights Controversy

Water Wars in Latin America

Hidden in Plain Sight

Citizen Journalism’s Role in the Democratic Process

Tu Felix Austria Nube

Is the Use of Nuclear Weapons Ever Morally Justified

Big Pharma and Big Farms

Max Weiler and the Painting of the Sung Dynasty

Quantum Entanglement

Greogr Mendel’s Peas and Premonitions

Another Fukushima on Cape Cod Bay

Electricity and Gas – The Great Decoupling

Amazon’s Acquisition of iRobot Raises Serious Privacy Concerns

Fina Bans Transgender Athletes from Women’s Elite Swimming Competitions

Nuclear Sharing – Stationing of US Nuclear Weapons Across NATO Countries

Saudi Arabia’s LIV Golf – Sportswashing Decades of Human Rights Violations

Maryam Mirzakhani – Remembering the Field Medal Winner and Female Pioneer in Mathematics

Hedy Lamarr – Hollywood Star and ‘Mother of Wifi’

Chile’s Balancing Act Between Capitalsim and Conservation

Chinese-Latin American Relations – Only Upside?

Time to Reform US Section 230

Threat to Wild Orcas, Dolphins and Beluga Wales from Marine Theme Park Boom in China

Combating Homelessness Using Housing First

Japan v. Its Neighbors: Japan to Release 1.4 Million Tons of Radioactive Wastewater

Yemen’s Forgotten War

The EU Energy – Nuclear Power Can Also Be Green

‘Mama Don’t Sell Me!’ – Afghan Girls Sold For Food Amid World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

OSCE – A Model for Comprehensive and Cooperative Security

Could the US be Facing a Two-Front Conflict on Taiwan and Ukraine?

Blood Cobalt – The Unspoken Cost of Going Green

The Brave New World of the Metaverse: How ‘Real’ is virtual Real Estate?

Audio Article #7: G7 vs. BRI: Any Chance of Success?

Audio Article #6: China’s E-Yuan: A Model for Currency Control And Independence?

Audio Article #5: The Perception and Reality of Japanese Whale Hunting

Audio Article #4: Nuclear Sharing: Why US Nuclear Weapons are in Europe

Audio Article #3: The MicroURANUS Project

Audio Article #2: The Cost of War

Audio Article #1: Concerns about the WHO-China Joint Study

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