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Dr. Frances Mautner Markhof

Frances Mautner Markhof

Dr. Frances Mautner Markhof is on the iGlobenews Advisory Board and a Guest Contributor to iGlobenews. She is also the Executive Editor and has played a key role in the startup and success of iGlobenews.

Dr. Mautner Markhof is Executive Director of the Austrian Center for International Studies (ACIS) in Vienna whose work currently focuses, i.a., on Northeast Asia, multilateral security cooperation and nuclear non-proliferation.  Before joining ACIS she was an official of the International Atomic Energy Agency. She has also led research projects at the Brookings Institution, the German Foreign Policy Institute (DGAP), and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria. She was a guest speaker at the 4th Jeju Peace Forum on Peace and Prosperity in Northeast Asia: Exploring the European Experience.

Dr. Mautner Markhof has published and lectured widely on nuclear non-proliferation and the NPT regime, multilateral security cooperation in Northeast Asia, the international safeguards system of the IAEA, regional nuclear fuel cycle centers and the processes of international negotiations.

She has degrees from Tufts University (physics and mathematics), Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (physics), the University of Vienna (physics), and the Harvard Kennedy School (international relations and public administation).


Quantum Entanglement: Schrödinger’s Nobel Heirs (October 2022)
Chinese version: 量子纠缠:薛定谔的诺贝尔继承人
German version: Quantenverschränkung: Schrödingers Nobel-Erben
Russian version: Квантовая Запутанность: Нобелевские Наследники Шредингера
Spanish version: Enredo Cuántico: Los Herederos del Nobel de Schrödinger

Nuclear Sharing and Other Challenges for the 2022 NPT Review Conference (July 2022)
Chinese version: 2022年《不扩散核武器条约》审议大会——核共享与其他挑战
German version: Nukleare Teilhabe und andere Herausforderungen für die NVV-Überprüfungskonferenz 2022
Russian version: Ядерный Обмен и Другие Вызовы для Конференции ДНЯО 2022
Spanish version: “Nuclear Sharing” y Otros Retos para la Conferencia de Revisión del TNP de 2022

NUCLEAR SHARING: Why US Nuclear Weapons Are In Europe (January 2022)
Chinese version: 核共享:美国的核武器为什么在欧洲
German version: NUKLEARE TEILHABE: Warum US-Atomwaffen in Europa sind
Russian version: Ядерный Обмен: Почему Ядерное Оружие США Находится в Европе

OSCE: A Model for Comprehensive and Cooperative Security (October 2021)
Chinese version: 欧安组织:全面合作安全的典范
German version: OSZE: Ein Modell für umfassende und kooperative Sicherheit
Russian version: ОБСЕ: Модель Всеобъемлющей И Коллективной Безопасности

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