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EU Global Gateway

EU Counters “Belt and Road Initiative” with “Global Gateway”

The EU has unveiled its EUR 300 billion infrastructure investment program for developing nations. The Europeans now face the challenge of selling their “values-based” alternative to China’s Belt and Road…
China Cryptocurrency

China’s E-Yuan: A Model for Currency Control and Independence?

The People’s Republic of China is one step away from introducing the digital yuan as a tool to boost and control its economy. Beijing is actively testing the e-CNY: an…

China’s Evergrande: Real Estate Or Real Bubble?

Despite meeting its interest payment deadlines on two of its bonds on 10 November, Evergrande is on the brink of a default crisis that threatens to further damage the Chinese…


Blood Cobalt

‘Blood’ Cobalt: The Unspoken Cost of Going Green

As countries are rapidly seeking to move away from fossil fuels and electrify the transportation sector, the demand for cobalt is rapidly increasing. However, the supply of this sought-after mineral…
FBM Leonore Gewessler

Leonore Gewessler Up Close: Interview With Austria’s Federal Minister For Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation And Technology

Leonore Gewessler, Austria’s Federal Minister for Climate Action and Environment has been in the news of late. Her decision to stop a number of high-profile highway projects has opposition parties…

COP26: Silence On Sustainable Food Systems

Food and agriculture NGOs, think tanks and activists are angry about COP26 negotiations ignoring the environmental consequences of our food systems. After two weeks of heated negotiations, COP26 faces accusations…

In The News

Covid Vaccines Africa

COVID Vaccines: Africa Needs A New Approach

In the face of the new Omicron variant, the question of vaccine inequity between rich and poor countries has risen to the top of the global agenda. Africa needs a…
Theresa Mai WW Wohnwagon

Little Houses On The Austrian ‘Prairie’

CEO and founder of WW Wohnwagon GmbH, Therese Mai, gave iGlobenews an interview. This successful startup has put Austria on the map for self-sustainable living. With its unique elegant design…
EuroSkills 2021

EuroSkills 2021: Russia Takes Gold, Austria Silver

At the end of September, Austria held a vocational skills competition EuroSkills 2021 in Schwarzl Leisure Centre in Graz. The three-day event served as a platform for 400 participants from…


Presidential Election Chile
Latin America

Chile’s Political Turning Point: Gabriel Boric Elected President

Gabriel Boric won the highly contested Chilean presidential election on 19 December 2021. Boric, leader of the left-wing Chilean party, has promised to turn a new leaf in Chilean politics.…
Battle of Salamis

Happy Birthday Democracy: 2500-Year Anniversary of the Historic Battle of Salamis

This year marks the 2500-year anniversary of the famed Battle of Salamis between the Greek city-states and the Persian Achaemenid Empire. This clash of civilizations is considered by many to…
Catherine Lutz

Interview With Professor Catherine Lutz Of Brown University’s Cost Of War Project: A Strong Voice For Democracy

Professor Catherine Lutz, Director of Brown University’s prestigious Cost of War Project, gave iGlobenews an exclusive interview. The Cost of War Project can support the redefining of national security priorities…

Science / Technology

Regulating Big Tech

Regulating Big Tech: EU Leads The Way

Amid unprecedented levels of public and political scrutiny, market dominance of Big Tech is coming under pressure. Using competition law to attack the overpowering market might of companies such as…

Comet Tales: Austria’s Comet Physics Laboratory CoPhyLab Supports Space Science

Dr. Günter Kargl of Austria’s Space Research Institute discusses the important contribution of Austria’s CoPhyLab (Comet Physics Laboratory) project to space science. The project is a collaborative effort of space…
NE Asia

MicroURANUS: A Microreactor For Maritime Decarbonization With Zero Greenhouse Gases

The MicroURANUS Project headed by Professor Il Soon Hwang of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in Ulsan, Republic of Korea has developed a new small modular reactor which…


David Menashri

An Insider’s View On Iran: Interview With Professor David Menashri

Professor David Menashri takes a pragmatic approach to the recently resumed nuclear talks in Vienna, aimed at returning Iran and the US to compliance with the Iran nuclear deal or…
US ONDI report on UAPs

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: US ODNI Report On UAPs

The recent ODNI report on unidentified aerial phenomena has revealed objects exhibiting behaviour that the US government is currently unable to explain. What are some potential explanations for these objects…
Free Assange

Prosecution Of Julian Assange – The Long-arm Of US Injustice

Assange languishes in a British prison fighting US attempts to have him extradited while alleged US war criminals he helped to expose go free. Assange's fate will have serious ramifications…

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