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China’s Evergrande: Real Estate Or Real Bubble?

Despite meeting its interest payment deadlines on two of its bonds on 10 November, Evergrande is on the brink of a default crisis that threatens to further damage the Chinese…
Pandora Papers

Pandora Papers: A Global Who’s Who

The financial secrets and hidden wealth of politicians, public officials, and billionaires have again been revealed in one of the world’s biggest data leaks – the Pandora Papers. Millions of…
Ban On Products Made By Forced Labor

Uncertain Future For EU Proposed Ban On Products Made By Forced Labor

The EU Commission recently announced it would introduce a ban aimed at preventing products made by forced labour from entering the internal market. However, implementing such a ban is not…



COP26: Silence On Sustainable Food Systems

Food and agriculture NGOs, think tanks and activists are angry about COP26 negotiations ignoring the environmental consequences of our food systems. After two weeks of heated negotiations, COP26 faces accusations…
Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind: A Solution Or A Facelift?

Lately, energy giants have rushed to take part in what might on the surface appear like the next step for transitioning towards a decarbonized society running on renewable energy. Although…
Whaling in Japan

The Perception And Reality Of Japanese Whale Hunting

Disapproving of Japanese commercial whaling on environmental and ethical grounds is an opinion, but whaling is economically unsustainable – that’s a fact. By Allison Westervelt 13.9.2021The Tokyo Organising Committee of…

In The News

Theresa Mai WW Wohnwagon

Little Houses On The Austrian ‘Prairie’

CEO and founder of WW Wohnwagon GmbH, Therese Mai, gave iGlobenews an interview. This successful startup has put Austria on the map for self-sustainable living. With its unique elegant design…
EuroSkills 2021

EuroSkills 2021: Russia Takes Gold, Austria Silver

At the end of September, Austria held a vocational skills competition EuroSkills 2021 in Schwarzl Leisure Centre in Graz. The three-day event served as a platform for 400 participants from…
Die Mehlschmiede Lutz

Baking Your Way To Stardom: YouTube Sensation Florian Lutz And His Flour Forge

Master baker, CEO and Bread Sommelier Florian Lutz started his hugely successful baking channel ‘Mehlschmiede’ during lockdown. His YouTube channel has turned this baker into an internet sensation. Florian Lutz…


Poland and EU Rule of Law

Belarus Border Crisis Places Poland’s Rule Of Law Dispute On Back Burner

While Poland’s Law and Justice Party continues to dispute the primacy of EU law, the EU seems willing to kick the rule of law crisis down the road yet again…
Online-Meeting Biden and Xi

Two Countries And Two Presidents In Need Of Each Other

Professor Weigelin-Schwiedrzik discusses the November 2021 virtual-summit between the Presidents of the two superpowers: President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping. It took place in a cordial atmosphere. The summit…
FotografIn: Florian Schrötter, Quelle: BKA

2G OR NOT TO 2G? Austria’s Lockdown Of The Unvaccinated – Worldwide First

In an effort to break the fourth Covid wave, Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has announced a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated initially for 10 days. Austria’s progress on vaccine rollout…

Science / Technology


Comet Tales: Austria’s Comet Physics Laboratory CoPhyLab Supports Space Science

Dr. Günter Kargl of Austria’s Space Research Institute discusses the important contribution of Austria’s CoPhyLab (Comet Physics Laboratory) project to space science. The project is a collaborative effort of space…
NE Asia

MicroURANUS: A Microreactor For Maritime Decarbonization With Zero Greenhouse Gases

The MicroURANUS Project headed by Professor Il Soon Hwang of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in Ulsan, Republic of Korea has developed a new small modular reactor which…
Novid20's CEOs Miedler and Tockner

Novid20 Develops Innovative Software Solutions For Fighting COVID: Interview With CEO Christoph Tockner And Moritz Miedler

Novid20’s CEO Christoph Tockner and Moritz Miedler talked to iGlobenews and shared insights into fighting the pandemic. Novid20 helped Austria and many other European countries and cities in their efforts…


Free Assange

Prosecution Of Julian Assange – The Longarm Of US Injustice

Assange languishes in a British prison fighting US attempts to have him extradited while alleged US war criminals he helped to expose go free. Assange's fate will have serious ramifications…
South China Sea
SE Asia

AUKUS: Countering China’s Influence in the Asia-Pacific Region

In a move that infuriated both France and China, Australia reneged on a submarine deal with France and entered a groundbreaking security agreement with the U.S. and the U.K. in…

OSCE: A Model for Comprehensive and Cooperative Security

Dr. Frances Mautner Markhof, Executive Director of the Austrian Center for International Studies (ACIS), discusses how the OSCE could serve as a model to facilitate dialogue and resolution of issues…

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