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Human Rights v. Human Life: Is there a right to demonstrate during COVID-19?

Anti-COVID demonstrators have taken to the streets of Vienna. Despite these gatherings being banned by the Vienna police, politicians such as Herbert Kickl are instrumentalizing these gatherings to garner support…
People wave flags, chant and carry torches after a sculpture, commemorating the one-year since the revolution began, was lit near the port in Beirut, Lebanon on October 17, 2020. The statue was lit at 6:07 p.m., the time the Aug. 4 explosion rocked the city.

Lebanon’s Never-Ending Crisis Following The Beirut Blast

Lebanon’s major port was devastated by a chemical explosion in August 2020, resulting in 200 casualties and billions of dollars in damages. Seven months later, the current Lebanese government cannot…
NE Asia

10 years Fukushima. Where is Japan’s climate ambition going in the energy sector?

While ten years have passed since the meltdown at the nuclear power plant Fukushima No. 1, Japan is preparing to meet its commitment to become CO2-neutral by 2050. The role…
Capital Riots

Capitol Riot Highlights Racist Double Standard in U.S. Policing

The sharp contrast between the way the police force dealt with the January 6 Capitol riot versus the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020 put a spotlight on the racist…
Twitter Mite

“Twitter Mite” Discovery Via Social Media

A chance discovery of the Ameronothrus Twitter aka "Twitter Mite" by a team of Austrian and Japanese top scientists has led to a worldwide sensation. Renown scientist Dr. Tobias Pfingstl…
Founders of GoStudent Gregor Müller I Felix Ohswald

How A Vienna Startup Is Revolutionizing E-Learning

A Vienna-based startup has revolutionized e-learning with its innovative approach to teaching. The vision of GoStudent’s co-founders Felix Ohswald and Gregor Mueller, who gave iGlobenews an exlusive interview, has set…