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Nicola Sturgeon gives a speech at the SNP annual conference 2019 in Aberdeen, Scotland

Breaking up? Scottish elections and the prospects for independence

On 6 May 2021, Scottish voters elect a new parliament in Edinburgh. Even if the ruling Scottish National Party can expect wide support for its agenda, the road to independence…
Protests in Columbia
Latin America

Rioting For Reform In Columbia

At the end of April 2021, a series of protests began in Colombia after the government proposed a new tax reform. Following the public outcry that ensued, the government retracted…
Party leader Laurens Dassen van Volt casts his vote in the parliamentary elections in Theater de Krakeling, in Amsterdam

Why Volt won in the Netherlands, a lesson for changemakers

Pan-European party Volt has made its first breakthrough on a national level winning 3 seats in the Dutch general election, presenting an example of how the party can emerge from…
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen addresses the media about the covid-19 passport

VAX-Wars: EU Vaccine Politics

The EU’s politicization of vaccine procurement and distribution is costing lives and livelihoods. The European Medicine Agency’s handling of Sputnik V is no exception to this. Saving lives should take priority…
Pak Yong Chol

Three Attractive KOREA Exhibitions in Bern, Switzerland until 2022

Switzerland’s capital Bern is currently hosting three exceptional Korea exhibitions: “Souvenir de Coree”; “Border Crossings - North and South Korean Art from the Sigg collection”; and “Let’s talk about mountains…
Russia & CIS

No Peace, No War: the Artsakh Crisis Reshuffles the Geopolitical Chessboard in the South Caucasus

Following six weeks of full-scale war turned humanitarian catastrophe in the 2020 Nagorno Karabakh War, Russia brokered a shaky trilateral agreement with Armenia and Azerbaijan to halt the fighting yet…