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The Perils of the Vaccine Rollout

The EU’s sluggish vaccination campaign has prompted a row with the UK over vaccine supplies. This highlights the perils of bringing politics and vaccine nationalism into the fight against COVID-19.…
Western Sahara

Western Sahara – A Forgotten Conflict in Africa’s Last Colony

The end of the ceasefire agreement between the Polisario Front and Morocco in November 2020 displays a worrisome development in a region where tension and uncertainty reigns. By Gustav Fauskanger…
Communist Party of China

100 Years Of The Communist Party Of China: Leading And Misleading

The Communist Party of China commemorates the founding of the party exactly 100 years ago today. From its own perspective, the 100th anniversary provides the party an opportunity to look…
Women Turkey

Women’s Rights Under Siege: Erdogan Withdraws Turkey from Istanbul Convention

With Erdogan’s decision to withdraw Turkey from the Istanbul Convention, women’s rights are under siege and a dangerous precedent for authoritarian regimes has been set. By Allison Westervelt, 29.4.2021.On March…
Capital Riots

Capitol Riot Highlights Racist Double Standard in U.S. Policing

The sharp contrast between the way the police force dealt with the January 6 Capitol riot versus the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020 put a spotlight on the racist…
Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, President of the European Council Charles Michel and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen via video link in Beijing

Sanctions put EU-China Investment Deal in Jeopardy

The tit-for-tat sanctions between the EU and China in March could threaten a recently announced investment deal. Some in the EU are pressing for it to take more of a…