Yiting Xiang

Yiting Xiang

Yiting Xiang grew up bilingually in Chinese and German and is interested in transcultural communication. She holds a B.A. in Sinology and graduated from the University of Vienna with a master’s degree in German-Chinese Translation with a focus of Specialised Translation and Language Industry.


马克斯·韦勒与宋代绘画 (Max Weiler and the Painting of the Sung Dynasty)

核共享:美国的核武器为什么在欧洲 (NUCLEAR SHARING: Why US Nuclear Weapons Are In Europe)

新北极?气候变化与地缘政治正在升温 (A new Arctic? Climate change and Geopolitics are heating up)

俄罗斯与日本的千岛群岛冲突:“可以说不的日本” (The Russia Japan Kuril Islands Conflict: “The Japan That Can Say No”)

中国在俄乌冲突中提供斡旋 (China Offers to Mediate in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict)

韩国慰安妇抗议日本性奴30周年 (30-Year Anniversary of Korean Comfort Women Protest against Japan’s Sex Slavery)

美国会面临台湾和乌克兰的两线冲突吗? (Could the US be facing a Two-Front Conflict on Taiwan and Ukraine?)

 如今的军工复合体没有因新冠疫情而放缓:斯德哥尔摩国际和平研究所军工产业报告 (No COVID Slowdown for today’s MIC: SIPRI Arms Industry Report)

中国的数字人民币:一个货币控制和独立的模式 (China’s E-Yuan: A Model for Currency Control and Independence?)

监管科技巨头:欧盟引领潮流 (Regulating Big Tech: EU Leads The Way)

AUKUS:对抗中国在亚太地区的影响力 (Countering China’s Influence In The Asia-Pacific Region)

两个国家和两位领导人相互需要 (Two Countries and Two Presidents In Need Of Each Other)

MicroURANUS:零温室气体和零排放的海上脱碳微反应器 (MicroURANUS: A Microreactor For Maritime Decarbonization With Zero Greenhouse Gases)

了解中伊25年战略伙伴合作 (Understanding The 25-year Strategic Partnership Cooperation Between China And Iran)

专访魏格林(Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik)教授:美国撤军的地缘政治影响与中国在阿富汗的新角色 (Interview With Prof. Weigelin-Schwiedrzik)

欧安组织:全面合作安全的典范 (OSCE: A Model for Comprehensive and Cooperative Security)

专访国际反腐败学院院长 Thomas Stelzer 博士:通过教育、培训和网络打击腐败 (Interview With Dr. Thomas Stelzer, Dean Of The International Anti-Corruption Academy: Combatting Corruption Through Education, Training And Networking)

中国共产党100年:领导和误导 (100 Years Of The Communist Party Of China: Leading And Misleading)

最新政变加剧了马里的不稳定 (Latest Coup Adds to Mali’s Instability)

中国在太空的成功 (China’s Success In Space)

追赶量子技术独立 (Quantum Catch-Up For Technological Independence)