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Yiting Xiang

Yiting Xiang

Yiting Xiang grew up bilingually in Chinese and German and is interested in transcultural communication. She holds a B.A. in Sinology and graduated from the University of Vienna with a master’s degree in German-Chinese Translation with a focus of Specialised Translation and Language Industry.


Lockbit是什么?网络犯罪团伙将大型银行列入受害者名单 (Who is Lockbit? Cybercrime Gang Adds Major Bank to List of Victims)

人工智能监管需要全球合作 (AI Regulation Requires Global Cooperation)

中国的全球发展对西方的挑战 (China’s Global Development Challenge to the West)

约翰·米尔斯海默教授谈加沙种族灭绝 (Professor John Mearsheimer on Genocide in Gaza)

孤独的时代与社会联系的丧失 (The Age of Loneliness and Loss of Social Connectedness)

维也纳世界博览会 150 周年:当维也纳还是世界的中心时 (150th Anniversary of the Vienna World’s Fair: When Vienna was the Center of the World)

实现欧盟国防工业的战略自主 (Achieving Strategic Autonomy for the EU Defense Industry)

马克龙带头:呼吁以色列停止对加沙的杀戮并尊重国际法 (Macron Leads the Way: Calls on Israel to Stop Gaza Killing and Respect International Law)

为什么中国人要在美国军事基地附近购买土地? (Why are Chinese buying land near US military bases?)

金砖国家能否挑战美元霸权? (Can BRICS Countries Challenge US Dollar Hegemony?)

拉丁美洲的水资源之战 (Water Wars in Latin America)

公民新闻在民主进程中的作用 (Citizen Journalism’s Role in the Democratic Process)

北溪1号和2号的破坏行为或“我们将结束它” (The Sabotage of Nord Stream 1 and 2 or “We will bring an end to it“)

俄罗斯在阿布哈兹 – 欧盟在哪里? (Russia in Abkhazia—Where is the EU?)

童工:甜美巧克力的黑暗面 (Child labor: The dark side of sweet chocolate)

使用核武器在道德上是否合理:纪念广岛和长崎 (Is the Use of Nuclear Weapons Ever Morally Justified: Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

“混沌GPT”可能会在监管者的注视下毁灭人类 (“ChaosGPT” might Destroy Humanity while Regulators look on)

联合国非洲日庆祝活动在维也纳推出“非洲互动”项目 (UN Africa Day Celebration Launches ‘Africa Interactive’ in Vienna)

埃及的“数字苏伊士运河” (Egypt’s ‘Digital Suez Canal’)

隐藏在众目睽睽之下:中国未经授权的海外派出所 (Hidden in Plain Sight: China’s Unauthorized Overseas Police Stations)

国际原子能机构的保障措施: 国际人工智能的监管典范 (IAEA Safeguards: A Model for International AI Regulation)

2023年塔利班的阿富汗:感谢美国! (The Taliban’s Afghanistan 2023: Thank you America!)

Clearview的一切都清楚吗? (Is All Clear With Clearview?)

中国的和平计划:停止热战,防止冷战 (China’s Peace Plan: Stopping a Hot War and Preventing a Cold War)

伊朗妇女的权利与错误:玛莎·阿米尼之死 (Women’s Rights and Wrongs in Iran: The Death of Mahsa Amini)

中国 – 拉丁美洲关系——只有益处? (Chinese-Latin American Relations – Only Upside?)

美国入侵伊拉克20周年:他们永不撤离 (20th Anniversary of US Iraq Invasion: They Never Leave)

ChatGPT 会让你变得低技能吗? (Will ChatGPT Make You Low-Skilled?)

中药危及马来亚的马来熊 (TCM Endangers Malayan Sun Bears)

美国和中国致力于成为量子计算领域的世界领导者 (US and China Set Sights on Becoming Global Leader in Quantum Computing)

也门被遗忘的战争 (Yemen’s Forgotten War)

揭露“飞马”间谍软件 (Prying Pegasus Spyware)

拯救海马:今日尚存,明日灭绝 (Saving the Seahorse: Here Today Gone Tomorrow)

文化/生活方式,中东和北非 (Turkey’s New Soft Power: Blockbuster T-Dramas)

忽视基辛格? (Cancelling Kissinger?)

伊朗在非洲; 寻求更多的贸易和影响力 (Iran in Africa; Seeking More Trade and Influence)

诺华在奥地利蒂罗尔州旨在培训、研究和生产的独特的生命科学园区 (Novartis’ Unique Life Science Campus for Training, Research and Production in Tyrol, Austria)

民主的诞生:历史性的萨拉米斯海战2500周年 (Happy Birthday Democracy: 2500-Year Anniversary of the Historic Battle of Salamis)

 一家维也纳初创公司如何革新电子学习 (How A Vienna Startup Is Revolutionizing E-Learning)

彗星故事:奥地利彗星物理实验室 CoPhyLab 支持太空研究 (Comet Tales: Austria’s Comet Physics Laboratory CoPhyLab Supports Space Science)

安吉丽卡·阿蒙在生物学的开创性贡献 (Angelika Amon’s Pioneering Legacy in Biology)

沙特阿拉伯的LIV高尔夫:一场对数十年侵犯人权行为的体育洗白 (Saudia Arabia’s LIV Golf: Sportswashing Decades of Human Rights Violations)

“血”钴:绿色发展中不言而喻的成本 (‘Blood’ Cobalt: The Unspoken Cost of Going Green)

国际泳联禁止跨性别运动员参加女子精英游泳比赛 (FINA Bans Transgender Athletes from Women’s Elite Swimming Competitions)

海蒂·拉玛 – 好莱坞明星与“蓝牙之母” (Hedy Lamarr – Hollywood Star and the ‘Mother of WiFi’)

所罗门群岛:太平洋的拔河比赛 (Solomon Islands: Tug of War in the Pacific)

斯里兰卡:天堂里的问题 (Sri Lanka: Problems in Paradise)

潘多拉文件:全球名人录 (Pandora Papers: A Global Who’s Who)

量子纠缠:薛定谔的诺贝尔继承人 (Quantum Entanglement: Schrödinger’s Nobel Heirs)

G7与BRI:成功前景如何? (G7 vs. BRI: Any Chance of Success?)

亚马逊收购iRobot引发了严重的隐私问题 (Amazon’s Acquisition of iRobot Raises Serious Privacy Concerns)

令人失望的美洲峰会 (Disappointing Summit of ‘Some’ of the Americas)

佩洛西访台标志着台海“新常态” (Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan Marks the “New Normal” in the Taiwan Straits)

中国海洋主题公园的繁荣对野生虎鲸、海豚和白鲸的威胁 (Threat to Wild Orcas, Dolphins and Beluga Whales from Marine Theme Park Boom in China)

日本与邻国:日本将向太平洋排放 140 万吨放射性福岛废水 (Japan v. its Neighbors: Japan to Release 1.4 Million Tons of Radioactive Fukushima Wastewater into the Pacific)

马克斯·韦勒与宋代绘画 (Max Weiler and the Painting of the Sung Dynasty)

核共享:美国的核武器为什么在欧洲 (NUCLEAR SHARING: Why US Nuclear Weapons Are In Europe)

新北极?气候变化与地缘政治正在升温 (A new Arctic? Climate change and Geopolitics are heating up)

俄罗斯与日本的千岛群岛冲突:“可以说不的日本” (The Russia Japan Kuril Islands Conflict: “The Japan That Can Say No”)

中国在俄乌冲突中提供斡旋 (China Offers to Mediate in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict)

韩国慰安妇抗议日本性奴30周年 (30-Year Anniversary of Korean Comfort Women Protest against Japan’s Sex Slavery)

美国会面临台湾和乌克兰的两线冲突吗? (Could the US be facing a Two-Front Conflict on Taiwan and Ukraine?)

 如今的军工复合体没有因新冠疫情而放缓:斯德哥尔摩国际和平研究所军工产业报告 (No COVID Slowdown for today’s MIC: SIPRI Arms Industry Report)

中国的数字人民币:一个货币控制和独立的模式 (China’s E-Yuan: A Model for Currency Control and Independence?)

监管科技巨头:欧盟引领潮流 (Regulating Big Tech: EU Leads The Way)

AUKUS:对抗中国在亚太地区的影响力 (Countering China’s Influence In The Asia-Pacific Region)

两个国家和两位领导人相互需要 (Two Countries and Two Presidents In Need Of Each Other)

MicroURANUS:零温室气体和零排放的海上脱碳微反应器 (MicroURANUS: A Microreactor For Maritime Decarbonization With Zero Greenhouse Gases)

了解中伊25年战略伙伴合作 (Understanding The 25-year Strategic Partnership Cooperation Between China And Iran)

专访魏格林(Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik)教授:美国撤军的地缘政治影响与中国在阿富汗的新角色 (Interview With Prof. Weigelin-Schwiedrzik)

欧安组织:全面合作安全的典范 (OSCE: A Model for Comprehensive and Cooperative Security)

专访国际反腐败学院院长 Thomas Stelzer 博士:通过教育、培训和网络打击腐败 (Interview With Dr. Thomas Stelzer, Dean Of The International Anti-Corruption Academy: Combatting Corruption Through Education, Training And Networking)

中国共产党100年:领导和误导 (100 Years Of The Communist Party Of China: Leading And Misleading)

最新政变加剧了马里的不稳定 (Latest Coup Adds to Mali’s Instability)

中国在太空的成功 (China’s Success In Space)

追赶量子技术独立 (Quantum Catch-Up For Technological Independence)

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