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Yegor Shestunov

Yegor Shestunov

Yegor Shestunov comes from Kyiv, Ukraine. He holds Bachelors degrees in International Relations and Economics from Webster University (Vienna) and a Masters degree in Environmental Technologies in International Affairs from the Diplomatic Academy and the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).

He sincerely believes that the future is interdisciplinary, and that fascinating things are all around us – we just have to take a closer look.


India’s Castocracy: Dalit Outcasts in the Caste System (December 2022)
German version: Indiens Kastengesellschaft: Dalit-Ausgestoßene im Kastensystem
Spanish version: La castocracia de la India: Los parias “dalit” en el sistema de castas

Is the Use of Nuclear Weapons Ever Morally Justified: Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki (October 2022)
German version: Ist der Einsatz von Nuklearwaffen jemals moralisch gerechtfertigt: Das Gedenken an Hiroshima und Nagasaki
Russian version: Оправдано ли Применение Ядерного Оружия с Моральной Точки Зрения: Вспоминая Хиросиму и Нагасаки
Spanish version: ¿Está alguna vez moralmente justificado el uso de armas nucleares? Recordando Hiroshima y Nagasaki

Gregor Mendel’s Peas and Premonitions (September 2022)
German version: Gregor Mendels Erbsen und Vorahnungen

Disappointing Summit of ‘Some’ of the Americas (August 2022)
Chinese version: 令人失望的美洲峰会

UK-Rwanda MoU: Reversing the Flow ‘Out of Africa’ (June 2022)

Japan v. its Neighbors: Japan to Release 1.4 Million Tons of Radioactive Fukushima Wastewater into the Pacific (May 2022)
Chinese version: 日本与邻国:日本将向太平洋排放 140 万吨放射性福岛废水
German version: Japan gegen seine Nachbarn: Japan will 1,4 Millionen Tonnen radioaktives Fukushima-Abwasser in den Pazifik leiten
Russian version: Япония Против Соседей: Япония Выпустит 1,4 Миллиона Тонн Радиоактивных Сточных Вод Фукусимы в Тихий Океан

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Seahorse Audio Article Audio Article: Is the Use of Nuclear Weapons Ever Morally Justified? Gregor Mendel Fukushima

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