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Meric Sentuna Kalaycioglu

Meric Kalaycioglu

Meric Sentuna Kalaycioglu was born in Ankara, Turkey. She has been living and working in Vienna since 2009. Throughout her career in Turkey and in Austria, she has worked in the field of international donor-funded projects. She completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science and Public Administration at the Bilkent University, Ankara and recently graduated from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, diploma program. She is interested in modern Turkish history and politics.


Can the India-Middle East Economic Corridor Compete with China’s BRI? (November 2023)

Why are Chinese buying land near US military bases? (September 2023)
Arabic version: لماذا يشتري الصينيون الأراضي القريبة من القواعد العسكرية الأمريكية؟
Chinese version: 为什么中国人要在美国军事基地附近购买土地?
Russian version: Почему Китайцы Покупают Земли Вблизи Военных Баз США?

Rohingya Genocide: The Reality of Myanmar’s Apartheid State (July 2023)

Is Erdogan’s Victory a Win for Turkey? (June 2023)
Russian version: Выиграет ли Турция от Победы Эрдогана на Выборах?

“ChaosGPT” might Destroy Humanity while Regulators look on (June 2023)
Chinese version: “混沌GPT”可能会在监管者的注视下毁灭人类
Spanish version: «ChaosGPT» podría destruir a la humanidad mientras los reguladores observan

The Taliban’s Afghanistan 2023: Thank you America! (April 2023)
Arabic version: أفغانستان طالبان 2023: شكرًا أمريكا!
Chinese version: 2023年塔利班的阿富汗:感谢美国!
Russian version: Афганистан Талибана 2023: Спасибо Америке!

Iran and Turkey: Competing for Islamic Africa (April 2023)

Turkey’s New Soft Power: Blockbuster T-Dramas (January 2023)
Chinese version: 文化/生活方式,中东和北非
Spanish version: El Nuevo Poder Suave de Turquía: T-Dramas Taquilleros

Erdogan’s Win-Win Grain Deal (December 2022)
German version: Erdogans Win-Win-Getreideabkommen
Spanish version: El acuerdo de Erdogan sobre cereales, beneficioso para todos

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