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Interview with the Editor-in-Chief

iGlobenews is an online media startup which went online in March 2021. The Editor-in-Chief, all of its Staff Writers and many Guest Contributors are graduates of the Wiener Diplomatische Akademie (DA) – the Vienna Diplomatic Academy. The DA is the oldest professional school in the world. It is dedicated to preparing students for international careers and positions of leadership in international organisations, the EU, in public service and in international business. In addition to iGlobenews staff, many iGlobenews Advisory Board Members are also closely connected to the DA.

In April 2021, ClubDA, the alumni club of Diplomatische Akademie Wien (Vienna Diplomatic Academy), interviewed iGlobenews’ Editor-in-Chief, Diana Mautner Markhof. She discussed the motivation for founding iGlobenews, what makes iGlobenews a unique news plattform and where iGlobenews will head in the future.

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