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Dr. Carsten Scharlemann

Carsten Scharlemann

In 2012 Dr. Carsten Scharlemann established the first and only Aerospace Engineering department in Austria and is since then the head of the Aerospace Engineering Programme. He has extensive experience in acquiring and managing R&D projects as well as flight projects. He was the project manager of the micro-propulsion development for ESA’s LISA Pathfinder mission and for the development of the charge balance devices for the ESA/NASA mission MMS (Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission). In 2014 he initiated the Nanosatellite program of the FHWN and subsequently managed Austria’s first university CubeSat mission (PEGASUS). His primary goal is the complete development, manufacture, and operation of the satellite by students as part of their education at the FHWN, which was successfully achieved when the satellite was launched in 2017. Since then, the satellite has been successfully operating in orbit. Dr. Scharlemann is now the project manager for the CubeSat project CLIMB (launch in 2023).


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