Dr. Günter Kargl

Guenter Kargl

Günter Kargl studied Geophysics and Astronomy at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz and he has also a degree in electrical engineering. He is working at the Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Science since 1993, interrupted by three years at the Max-Plank Institute of Solar System Research in Göttingen, Germany. His main work is the building and running the Surface Simulation Laboratory at the Space Research Institute. During his career he was involved in several space missions including the Huygens lander on Titan, the Philae lander of the Rosetta mission and lately the NASA Insight lander on Mars. He is also a lecturer at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz where he teaches “Introduction to Geophysics” and “Space Mission Design” and a recurrent tutor at the ESA summer school in Alpbach, Austria.


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