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Mission Statement is a new online information platform founded by and for young researchers and academics working in the area of international relations and political science.

A group of graduates from the Vienna Diplomatic Academy (DA), the world’s oldest diplomatic academy, created and set up this innovative news and current events platform. The founding members of iGlobenews, in addition to their commitment to and interest in all aspects of international affairs, are writing and publishing enthusiasts some of whom have previously been in charge of the DA’s Polemics publication.

Moving forward, iGlobenews will encourage not only former DA graduates but also other experts to pitch their ideas.  iGlobenews provides a platform to engage with the international community, encouraging innovative and inclusive approaches in the analysis of important current issues. Thus, iGlobenews seeks discourse supported by the free exchange of ideas. is supported by the Austrian Center for International Studies (ACIS), an independent think tank based in Vienna, Austria. ACIS has provided the initial funding and impetus for this new website.

The views expressed in the articles are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial stance of iGlobenews.

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