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Karabakh WarRussia & CISSecurity RU

Карабахская война – очередная трагедия в охваченном конфликтами Южном Кавказе

Осенью 2020 года Нагорный Карабах стал зоной боевых действий между Азербайджаном и Арменией. В то время как Азербайджан вышел победителем, Армения платит политическую цену за значительные потери в войне. Соглашение…
September 17, 2021
Engaged Neutral StatesAustriaPolitical

Engaged Neutral States

A reassessment of neutrality is necessary. The old Swiss concept of “sitting still” should be left behind. False diplomatic caution should be replaced by a courageous and aggressive advocacy of…
September 6, 2021
Communist Party of ChinaChinaPolitical ZH


中国在庆祝共产党成立100周年。从中国的角度来看,100周年为共产党提供了一个回顾空前的成功史的机会。然而在仔细审视历史事件时,会发现巨大的失败与伟大的成就共存。若不从不同的角度去看待历史,中国的领导层可能会领导和误导其人民和世界走向一个危险的未来。 The Communist Party of China commemorates the founding of the party exactly 100 years ago today. From its own perspective, the 100th anniversary provides the party an opportunity to…
August 31, 2021
Floatig libraryAustria

Library On The Lake

The floating library brings summer reading to beachgoers at five docking stations on Lake Woerth –Carinthia’s largest and most beautiful lake. With over 75000 titles of library inventory this floating…
August 30, 2021